Beauty Queens

I hope to start blogging here again soon. For now, one of my stories has been published in Joyland Magazine.

These words are in it:

Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens

You can read the story here.


Broad! Winter 2012 Issue

What’s black and white and read all over? That’s right, the Winter 2012 issue of Broad! It’s hot off the press, and free for download on the website:


In this issue we’re featuring such talented ladies as Joan Colby, Michelle Ornat, Shevaun Brannigan, Ellen Estilai, Shoshana Kertesz, and many others! Read it, get inspired, and then submit your own work by March 1!

Wordles are my Favorite

Bellingham Review recently published my short story, “Missing Person: Female, Fifteen” in their Issue 63. So I made a Wordle to show you what it’s “about”:

Wordles. They’re great, aren’t they? I love how they highlight oft-used words and create fascinating combinations of  language. This one looks like a collection of cut-and-pasted headlines, and that’s appropriate, because the story is partly woven through and around a fictional newspaper headline. Within the arrangement, here are some headlines I love:

“Girl cooks. Mother burns body.”

“Music wife missing”

“Man envisions purple”

“Loud art breaking”

“Rooms grow”

“Father undresses wants”

“Pain shadows girl”

From now on, when someone asks what I write about, I will use a variation of one of these things. “It’s about loud art breaking.” Done.  Thank you, Wordle.

Doesn’t this wordle totally make you want to read the story?

  Read an excerpt on this website, and then

Email to purchase a copy!