May Day

April has been work, writing, and one trip to Durango, Colorado where the stars were uninhibited by other kinds of light and the rest of the universe felt closer. Blogging has not happened, so this post on the last day of the month will be about May. Tomorrow, May 1, is Beltane, May Day, a celebration of spring and new beginnings. It is also a day of general strike: no work, no shopping, occupy everywhere.

My work is teaching and discussing books and writing; to me, in a world increasingly skeptical of art and intellectualism, this counts as an occupation. I will not shop. Part of me wants to go to Naropa and travel with Bhanu Kapil’s wolf pack tomorrow. But no. There is not time to explain to all of my students that they should want to do this. Instead, I will ask them difficult questions about movements and perhaps they will explain something new to me.

These wolves are occupying.

My neighbor has just returned from a wolf conference in the midwest, where he learned about wolf history and repopulation efforts. He works at the wolf sanctuary in Bellvue, Colorado. A and I are somewhat jealous of this. There may be connections arising between May and protesting and wolves, but I will leave them here for now.

More on May Day from the New York Times.


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