Book Review: Tinkers

Book Review for Tinkers by Paul Harding

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

What can I say about Tinkers? It’s all so fabulous and so seamless: the vivid imagery, the storytelling via instruction    manuals for clocks and bird’s nests, the language, the characterization. The language alone was so incredible in its    ability to carry the reader that Harding was able to get away with totally disorienting shifts in point of view. And    maybe the purpose was to disorient the reader; either way I enjoyed the ride. In her review, Elizabeth McCracken said   the book was “an instruction manual in how to look at nearly everything.” I agree. This element of total originality, of novel ways to see and describe, is probably what I liked best about this book. Harding takes such great care in making the everyday objects of the natural and domestic worlds new. He takes the characters’ various illnesses to a level of mythology with his stunning visual portraits and use of metaphor. I loved this book.


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